Friday, August 1, 2008

Rice's New Campaign Manager Tied To Ultra-Liberal Gun-Grabber George Soros

Andrew Rice's new campaign manager has been an employee of ultra-liberal gun-grabber George Soros and has worked for the Democratic Party's most liberal candidates, a Republican group's spokesman said today.
“Bringing in the hired guns to run a nastier campaign tells me he’s in a tough spot and will stop at nothing to win," said Matt Pinnell, director of Oklahoma Victory 2008. "The addition of two former Clinton for President staffers is just the first of what we expect to be many extreme makeovers in Andrew Rice’s campaign. His message was rejected by members of his own party, so no doubt the next makeover will be a refining of his personal image: new issues and new values.”
Pinnell said the addition of Geri Prado and Phil Singer by Rice to his top campaign spots won't help Rice following his "lackluster" primary showing, in which he got 59 percent against an opponent who didn't campaign and spent no money.
Singer, Rice's new communications guru, Pinnell said, "is a veteran of personal attack politics, serving on Senator John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign and as spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee before joining Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful presidential campaign. During his time with the Clinton campaign, Singer made headlines for tying Senator Barack Obama to members of terrorist organization Weather Underground, which some observers called an attempt at 'swiftboating' Senator Obama.
Prado, Pinnell said, served as John Kerry’s New Mexico state director in 2004 and has a background in union organizing, having worked as the political director for Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 105 in Colorado.
Said Pinnell: "Prado also worked in New Mexico for billionaire George Soros’ America Coming Together (ACT), which was recently fined $775,000 by the FEC for illegally financing its field activities, the third-largest fine by the FEC ever."

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