Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Doc Hoc's Dark Vision For America, Oklahoma

Kurt Hochenauer (self-described as "Doc Hoc"), God help us all, is a University of Central Oklahoma English Department professor whose vision is dark and dangerous. The following is a small sample of the garbage this ultra-liberal moonbat pedals on his blog, Okie Funk: Let me take you into your very possible future. It’s September 19, 2009. Fred Thompson is president and the House and Senate on both the federal and state level have clear Republican majorities. The Iraq occupation drags on with no end in sight, and now we’re fighting in Iran, too. Every aspect of our private lives—our phone calls, emails, personal conservations (sic)—is scrutinized by Republican government operatives. More people are without health insurance than ever. The richest one percent of Americans own even more of the wealth and land in the country. American and foreign prisoners are routinely tortured on the slimmest evidence of wrongdoing. In Oklahoma, government has become completely privatized. Our bridges are collapsing and huge potholes on our highways go unrepaired, causing accidents that kill and injure. Gasoline is $10 a gallon. National Guardsmen patrol state borders and make sure everyone has a long-list of required documents proving they are citizens. If you do not have the required ten documents then it is off to jail with you for some good ol’ American torture complete with sexual humiliation and waterboarding that may or may not result in your death.
Hochenauer's wild rants have made him a conservative target. Here's an example, from Red State: "For those of us on the right, it comes as no surprise considering the lies, rhetoric and hatred for America that moveon.org, Daily Kos, Okie Funk and their ilk have spewed for the past 7+ years, but to most Democrats it will come as a complete shock and awe when that venom is spewed at them. Target: Former San Francisco Mayor, US Senator Dianne Feinstein (D) CA- Described by Okie Funk as extreme rightwing and a patsy for the Bush Imperial Presidency along with a long list of Democrats Okie Funk has targeted for 'un-election' are now in the crosshairs. Okie Funk is calling to break up the Democrat party at the same time he urges all Democrats to come together in order to prevent what he frighteningly describes as 'a new totalitarian America' which he claims without any evidence whatsoever is certain to come if Republicans win in '08."
Here's another example, from http://www.redoklahoma.org/: "Just in case you think the controversy over MoveOn.org’s 'General Petraeus or General Betray Us?' ad is something all Oklahomans can agree is inappropriate and disgusting, think again. According to a certain leading liberal voice here in state, the advertisement 'should be commended, not criticized.' Those words are from none other than Kurt 'DocHoc' Hochenauer, who frequently posts on a liberal blog site. But he doesn’t stop at commending the ad, he goes so far as to predict a future in which General Petraeus becomes dictator: 'The government, under continued neoconservative rule, will surely become a bonafide fascist/military dictatorship. Heck, in a few years, Petraeus will be dictator.'"
(The original posting of this article prompted an illogical outburst from another liberal Democrat, Tim Reese, one of a few dozen regular posters on a local blog, http://www.demookie.com/. Reese accused TMRO of attacking "bloggers" and opposing free speech: "McCarville's blog is basically an 'unofficial' wing of the Republican Party. He has apparently run out of Democrat Politicians to criticize so he has begun attacking bloggers. Be careful of expressing your ideas... apparently Mike has been made chief of the 'Idea Police' and he doesn't like any ideas that don't fall in step with his own. This is a mere follow up to the organized attack on Moveon.org.")
From His Profile: Hochenauer teaches modern British literature courses. He teaches a course on the Beat Movement with a focus on American authors Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs. He teaches the online courses Writing For The Web, Advanced Composition, and Blogs: New Independent Media. He has published academic articles on a wide range of authors, including Henry James, John Steinbeck, Jack Kerouac, and William Shakespeare. He has published articles related to writing pedagogy. He has published short fiction and poetry and presented numerous papers at academic conferences and read fiction and poetry at public readings. He's a contributor to the Oklahoma Gazette, The Oklahoma Observer, and The (OK) Progressive Voice. His populist blog, Okie Funk: Notes From The Outback, critiques current political issues and has been featured on national sites such as the Daou Report on Salon.com.

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