Monday, December 19, 2011

Tea Party Patriots Favor Gingrich?

The Tea Party Patriots, who hosted a tele-forum with the candidates on Sunday, announces the results of a straw poll of activists:
Full Straw Poll results follow indicating which candidate activists would vote for: Newt Gingrich 31%, Michele Bachmann 28%, Mitt Romney 20%, Rick Santorum 16%, Ron Paul 3%, Rick Perry 2%, Jon Huntsman 0.3%
The poll also asked participants to rank how enthusiastic they'd be about each possible GOP nominee. Gingrich won by that score, too, with 58 percent saying they'd be "enthusiastic" or "very enthusiastic," followed by Bachmann (55 percent), Santorum (54 percent), Romney (50 percent), Perry (32 percent), Paul (6 percent) and Huntsman (5 percent). ~ From Politico


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