Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mike Reynolds Assails Steele; Calls For House Caucus Rules To Be Written By State GOP

Mike Reynolds
Rep. Mike Reynolds, one of those House members opposed to Speaker Kris Steele, assails Steele in a statement to The McCarville Report Online and says he wants the Oklahoma Republican Party to write the rules for House Caucus meetings.

"It is unfortunate that Speaker Steele believes it is appropriate to make accusations against elected members of the House of Representatives" Reynolds said.

"He apparently doesn't understand that the vast majority of the members are trying to help pull him out of the mud that he denies falling into. Those same members realize they were elected to do a job for their constituents but he has been very difficult with Steele's leadership style.

"The recent caucus was just another example of the abuse of members time for the speakers convenience. Discussion was supposed to occur about the House agenda during the upcoming session. Instead the Speaker chose to present position papers on what were apparently his favorite subjects. While they may have been informative, that is not why most members chose to take the time to participate in this meeting. Had these position papers been presented on the House floor there is no doubt the Speaker would have asked his close associates to 'move the previous question' to cut off debate.

"There appears to be only one way to eliminate the arrogance that is displayed by this leadership team. The caucus rules of the House Republicans must be drafted by the Oklahoma Republican Party. This will allow for meetings open to the public and honest discussion, rather than intimidation and statements that might not be factual, but can't be discussed outside of caucus because of 'confidentiality rules.'

"I have contacted several county party chairmen that have agreed this must be done. I look forward to any Republican House member that thinks this is a bad idea debating the issue in a public forum at the next State Party Convention."

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