Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rex Duncan: The 'Republican' I Can't Support

Former Rep. Rex Duncan is out with an email on the Senate District 20 special election candidates, and he says there is one "Republican" he can't support, Phil Berkenbile.

His email:

Subject: Senate District 20 Special Election
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2011 22:22:28 -0600


It is imperative Republicans elect a true conservative in the February 14th primary. While I haven't met all the announced candidates I do know at least one.

The one I know is the one I cannot support. He was a long-time Democrat until last year. He endorsed Jari Askins for Governor last year (look it up on Google). He has been a long-time contributor to many Democrat candidates and incumbents. He contributed to my 2004 opponent in the general election.

He lead the opposition to the pro-2nd Amendment legislation allowing holders of concealed-carry permits to leave their pistols in their locked cars in the parking lot of Career Tech campuses (even though you can leave it in your locked car on every state university parking lot). Governor Fallin signed the bill this year after this "Republican" failed to kill it another year.

What we DON'T need is another flip-flopper who changed parties after his party lost the House, Senate and Governor's office. We need candidates with principle, men and women who know what they stand for and don't change colors with the political winds.

I ask you to do your political homework. Find out where each Republican candidate stands on our bedrock values. Find out how long they've held such beliefs. Ask them why they spent a lifetime being and supporting Democrat politicians and opposing conservative legislation, until it became politically expedient to change.

The Republican party doesn't need any more RINOs. We need men and women with the backbone and strength of character to stand up for what they believe, and do so over time and in the face of political adversity.

The man about whom I'm talking would make a predictable, liberal Democrat candidate. We can do better and will have nobody to blame but ourselves if we allow familiarity and name-recognition to trick us into hiring a fake conservative.

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