Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Proctor & Derby: We're All In This Together

From The House Media Division ~ Two Green Country legislators are working across party lines to protect taxpayer dollars and Tulsa-area jobs.

Reps. Eric Proctor (D-Tulsa) and David Derby (R-Owasso) began working together on the effort during the last legislative session and will try again next year to make the bill a law. The Oklahoma Jobs and Tax Dollar Accountability Act would prohibit taxpayer benefits from going to companies that ship jobs overseas or out of the state.

“Oklahoma taxpayers deserve to have more accountability over their tax dollars,” Derby said. “When a company breaks their word by taking state tax dollars and then moves jobs out of Oklahoma or overseas there should be consequences for that action.” 

According to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, the state has given over 110 million taxpayer dollars to companies that are on the Department of Labor’s list for outsourcing American jobs“Companies that are sending American jobs overseas or out of state should not be rewarded with taxpayer dollars,” Proctor said. “Last year much of the Legislature voted to cut our funding for military veterans at the same time they gave tax dollars to companies who are not keeping their word. This practice is wrong, unconscionable and it should be brought to an end.”

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