Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Perry Retooling Under Allbaugh's Guidance

Perry and Allbaugh
Texas Governor Rick Perry has turned to a veteran of the presidential wars, Oklahoman Joe Allbaugh, for guidance as he struggles to get his campaign back on track.

Allbaugh has joined several other longtime national Republican strategists on Perry's team.

Allbaugh managed George W. Bush's campaign for governor of Texas and was part of the triumvirate that managed his first presidential race. Upon Bush's election, Allbaugh, a Blackwell native and Oklahoma State University graduate, was named director of the Federal Emergency Management Administration. He left that position to form his own international consulting firm, based in Washington and Austin.

Texas newspapers report that sources say Allbaugh, known as a stern and disciplined manager, will play a central role in trying to get the Texas governor back on top of the GOP field.

And Allbaugh is now trying to do just that. Today, he forwarded to The McCarville Report Online and others an Iowa in-house poll conducted by an Austin firm for Perry.

The poll, conducted December 3-4:


Rick Perry’s positive is at 67% among all respondents, and it is 71% among those who have seen a television ad about Perry.

Among those who share all or most of the views of the Tea Party Movement, Perry is at 78% positive. Furthermore, Perry’s positive image is 71% among voters who are undecided on the ballot test.

Rick Perry’s strongly positive image increased six points since our Nov 19-20 survey.


At 13%, Rick Perry is now in third place on the ballot test. Gingrich is at 29% and Romney is at 19%.

Perry garners 19% among voters who attend church services more than once a week.

Among the voters who have already seen the new faith TV ad, Perry is at 28%.

Only 24% of respondents are definitely supporting any of the seven candidates on the ballot whereas 67% state they could change their minds. Moreover, three-quarters of the Gingrich voters indicate they could still change their minds. The race remains very fluid.


68% have seen, read or heard something recently about Rick Perry. The net favorable reaction to what voters have seen, read or heard has increased for the third consecutive survey. Our message is starting to take hold!

Interesting crosstab note here: The favorable reaction to information voters have seen, read or heard about Perry increases as their church attendance increases.

Perry also announced the addition of six other nationally known consultants. Tony Frabrizio, a pollster and former strategist for 1996 GOP nominee Bob Dole, and Fred Maas, who has worked on the campaigns of Dole, John McCain and others, will also take "senior adviser" titles, the campaign said.
Stanton Anderson, who has managed Republican conventions and served as counsel to the Reagan-Bush campaign in 1980, will become the Perry campaign's congressional liaison.

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