Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Perry: Massive Iowa TV Commercial Buy

Politico reports that Texas Governor Rick Perry is going all-in in Iowa in advance of the Republican presidential caucuses, plunking down $1 million in broadcast TV ad time for three weeks leading up to the caucuses.

A heavy buy in Iowa for a week's TV time can be bought for less than half that sum, meaning Perry will be reaching a zone-flooding level in a final bid to boost his poll numbers.

Allbaugh, Bush
The massive media buy may indicate the influence of Oklahoman Joe Allbaugh and other new advisors on Perry's campaign. Allbaugh recently joined Perry as a senior campaign advisor. Perry quickly began appealing more to Christian conservative Republicans, the base of the GOP's primary voting population (

Allbaugh was a pioneer in the use of cable television in Oklahoma to reach specific audiences. As manager of Henry Bellmon's successful second campaign for governor, Allbaugh earned the reputation that resulted in his management of George W. Bush's campaigns for governor of Texas and for president.

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