Saturday, December 17, 2011

LiberTea Rally For Ron Paul Excludes Gerhart?

Today's scheduled "LiberTea Rally For Ron Paul" apparently does not include controverial Sooner Tea Party leader Al Gerhart, but it does include a representative of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee.

Gerhart, known for his intemperate outbursts, attacks on others and extreme positions, recently criticized OCPAC leader Charlie Meadows, indicating a rift in the ranks of the ultra-conservative movement.

The list of speakers for this afternoon's event does not include Gerhart.

The keynote speaker is Adam Kokesh, a veteran of the Iraq War. Other speakers include Rep. Charles Key (R-Oklahoma City), former Senator Randy Brogdon, OCPAC Vice President Richard Engle, and Young Americans for Liberty UCO Chapter Vice President Kyle Platt.

Attempts to reach rally planner Lukus Collins for comment on Gerhart's exclusion were unsuccessful.

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