Friday, December 16, 2011

Holly Gerard Joins Faught Campaign In 2nd

Rep. George Faught, Republican candidate for Congress in the 2nd District, today announced the appointment of Holly Gerard as his campaign’s Strategic Projects Director.

Gerard recently stepped down as Vice-Chair of the 2nd District GOP in order to support Faught and other candidates directly in the primary.

Gerard is best known for managing the successful 2010 campaign of Josh Brecheen, the first Republican state senator ever to represent his portion of “Little Dixie." In recognition of her work, Gerard received the Oklahoma Republican Party ‘Rising Star’ Award in 2011.

Faught also announced the support of FirstBank CEO David Burrage, who will lead Faught’s comprehensive economic advisory council. This council will be tasked with identifying and prioritizing strategies to revitalize the entire 2nd District’s economy, based on free-market principles.

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