Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Gadfly: Birds Of A Feather

The Gadfly:
Birds Of A
By Mike McCarville

It was a phone call from Leroy Bridges that spurred this column.

Leroy, a friend since the mid-1960s, just got out of the hospital after an extended stay. Reports he is on the mend and back at work at OU where he continues his work as a political guru and historian.

That reminded me of my friend Delmas Ford, with whom I go back to 1955, when his younger brother John and I became buddies. Delmas also is a recent hospital dischargee and is on the mend. Delmas has been just about everything in state government.

These connections, the hospital stays and our long friendships, likely says more about age than anything else. Leroy and Delmas are both my seniors, but not by much. And after my recent open heart surgery and subsequent maladies, I sometimes feel older than my 71 years.

The bright side is that we three birds of a feather, having shared hospital stays and faced our mortality head-on, are still around.

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