Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blog: Take A Breath, Al

From The Oklahoma Truth Council ~ The stress of constant, political intrigue may have finally gotten the best of Al Gerhart. The leader of the Sooner Tea Party came out with his weekly thoughts on recent Oklahoma politics, and chose to make some insinuations that may reflect Al’s need for a vacation, or to at least to step back and take a breath.

To start, Gerhart decided to attack Speaker Kris Steele for emailing legislators and notifying them of a birth in the “House Family.” Rep. Skye McNeil (sic) has recently welcomed another child into the world. Gerhart went so far as to imply that the child might be deformed or at the very least “bullied” for the child’s name. He also infers that the child’s paternity might be in question due to the child’s middle name.

Seriously? Have we gotten to the point in Oklahoma politics that we attack newborn children for the crime of being born? Can’t we patiently wait until they marry rich scarf aficionados and start their own indie rock band?

We understand, first hand, how difficult it is to process all the rumors, rifts and rants that circulate around 23rd and Lincoln, but Gerhart may want to adopt a policy of “trust but verify.” While the House may provide most, if not all, of his information, he should remember that certain legislators like to color history to improve their showing. The House Freshman can try to lay claim to stopping the Fallincare Exchanges, but true credit goes to Sen. Bill Brown who put his foot down and President Pro Tem Brian Bingman who joined him.

Gerhart is on the front lines of political activism, and it is an exhausting place to be for an extended time. It is easy to see demons behind every bush, but it is important to remember perspective.

For example:

Mike McCarville may not be a fan, but he is from another era of politics, one where political activists were businessmen or single issue conferences, not anonymous blogs, tea parties or mass citizens gathering at the Capitol with petitions.

Skye McNeil (sic) was most likely not passed over for Speaker due to her ideology, but her gender. Oklahoma has never had a female Speaker. Jari Askins was in line for it but the Republicans took control that year, and Askins became the first and only female Oklahoma House Minority Leader. When it comes to Oklahoma Speakers they are following the same trends as the presidency, a black man had to come before a woman.

Oklahoma is well served when its people are informed and engaged in the political process, but that can only happen when its leaders, spokespeople, and commentators are refreshed and ready to do the job at hand. Rushing to judgement, attacking infants and carrying the water for a certain Representative’s personal agenda is beneath the capabilities of one of Oklahoma’s most outspoken organizations.

We hope that Gerhart and the Sooner Tea Party take this joyous season to have a Merry Christmas and relax, refresh and renew for the battles that are sure to come with the New Year and new Session.

Congratulations to Rep Skye McNeil (sic) on the addition to her household, may she be a blessing to your family!

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