Friday, November 4, 2011

Steele Removes Trebilcock From Chair's Post; Trebilcock Says It's Retaliation For Shannon Support In House Speaker's Race

Speaker Steele
UPDATED: House Speaker Kris Steele today relieved Rep. John Trebilcock as chairman of the House Energy & Utility Regulation Committee.

John Trebilcock
Steele confirmed he had done so after an early morning inquiry from The McCarville Report Online. He at first said no change had been made. Within an hour, he said he was making the change.

Capitol sources said Rep. Ron Peters of Broken Arrow would be the new chairman, and late in the day, that announcment came.

Trebilcock posted a scathing attack on Steele on his Facebook page, alleging Steele took the action because of "the outcome of the speaker's race."

Trebilcock supported winner T. W. Shannon, while Steele wanted Jeff Hickman as his replacement.

Several sources, however, say Steele took the action because of Trebilcock's recent behavior, including his apparent inattention to the work of the committee.

"This had nothing to do with the speaker's race," said one House member, noting that many others who supported Shannon remain as chairmen of their committees.

Late in the day, Steele issued a news release announcing several changes. He ignored Trebilcock's attack, minimizing the change with a single line: "Rep. Ron Peters, R-Tulsa, was moved to the chairman position for the House Committee on Energy and Utility Regulation."

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