Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Gadfly: A World Of Turmoil

The Gadfly:
A World
Of Turmoil
By Mike McCarville

Lord, have mercy. Our world is filled with turmoil.

The Thunder won't be playing anytime soon, thanks to rancorous negotiations between team owners and the players' union. Bummer.

Joe Paterno's sterling, six-decade reign as America's dean of college football coaches is tarnished by sexual abuse allegations that didn't involve him. His name has been stripped from a championship trophy. Penn State is moving to eradicate just about every memory of him. Plans to honor him in Washington have been cancelled. At 81, his life is over. Pitiful.

Football great Franco Harris speaks up in defense of Paterno and gets his walking papers from a client. His speech turned out to be "free," obviously.

The lamestream media, eager to protect Barack Obama, is now taking aim at the latest Republican front-runner, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, while they continue to pummel previous front-runner Herman Cain and aim business barbs at former front-runner Mitt Romney.

Attorney General Eric Holder is embroiled in the coverup of the "Fast and Furious" gun scandal and demands for his resignation continue.

In Tulsa, a new Oklahoma Poll finds citizens are pretty disgusted by the constant in-fighting and bickering between members of the Council and Mayor Dewey Bartlett.

In Congress, Republicans and Democrats continue to disagree, sometimes with disagreeable comments and even more disagreeable behavior. Pathetic.

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services clearly is in turmoil; children under its care are dead. Someone must answer and changes must be made.

It's enough to make a man long for the simplicity of open heart surgery.


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