Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Gadfly: Piling On

The Gadfly:
Piling On
By Mike McCarville

So The New York Times, Washington Post, Politico and Huffington Post/AOL have decided they are going after Herman Cain's conservative hide.

The hit pieces keep on coming, each based on information more sketchy and flimsy than the story before it.

This isn't a case of "selective" reporting; this is piling on.

This, from the same media that had to be shamed into reporting on John Edwards and his dalliance that resulted in a child.

This, from the same media that gives Al Sharpton a free pass.

This, from the same media that has tried to ignore "Fast And Furious," a scandal that taints the Obama Administration.

This is the media that detests blacks who are conservative Republicans; ask Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele or Alan West about the hatred that comes from the liberal media.

Herman Cain, political neophyte that he is, has stumbled trying to respond to the attacks.

But I suspect that even that, like the liberal media attacks on him, will play to his favor.

Under fire, Cain's campaign had its best online fundraising day of his campaign yesterday.

And today is likely to equal that; like lots of others offended by the barrage being aimed at him, I gave him a small contribution today.

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