Monday, November 7, 2011

The Gadfly: Gut Check

The Gadfly:
Gut Check
By Mike McCarville

It is conventional liberal and lamesteam media thinking that Herman Cain should be political toast by now.

He's not, and my political gut says the incessant attacks on Cain have only made him stronger with the conservative Republican base he needs to challenge Mitt Romney in the presidential primaries.

The allegations against Cain remain vague and we still don't know exactly what it is he was accused of doing, and it's likely we'll never know.

Given that, many likely will ascribe revelation of the allegations to an attempt to derail him by liberals who despise conservative blacks.

If that's a prevalent view among conservative Republicans, Cain will gain strength, not lose it.

In short, the lamestream media out to get Cain probably overplayed their hand.

That being said, there are several troubling aspects of Cain's campaign. First is his handling of the allegations, saying one thing one day, something else another day. (Conversely, his lack of a "slick" response plays to his outsider persona.) Second is his wife's apparent refusal to get involved in his campaign. It's one thing for a spouse to be a reluctant participant, its another if there's no participation at all. What kind of First Lady would Mrs. Cain be? We have no way of knowing and to some people, that's troubling.


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