Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bohnen Ebook Profiles Oklahoma Black Ops Agent

KTOK News Director Jerry Bohnen is the author of a new ebook, Dixie Cup Assassins, that tracks the bizarre activities of a "government" black ops agent (known only as "M. H.") from Oklahoma over the past 20 years.

The publisher's description of the book:

Bohnen, left, with "M. H."
What action does the government take when there are 'dirty' jobs to do? After Sepember 11, 2001, those rules changed. Men were contracted to take care of these jobs – covertly, quickly, and for big bucks.

Dixie Cup Assassin relates the experiences of one such man. Why did he become involved? To stay out of prison... For the money... Because he enjoyed the rush... Or underlying it all, was he a patriot who wanted payback for 9/11 and to ensure his country's freedom?

And what will happen to this man when the government no longer needs him? Will he be tossed aside like a used Dixie Cup?

This is the exposé of a man, who hired out to government agencies to rid a country of subversive enemies, as shared with investigative reporter Jerry Bohnen over almost two decades.

Due to language and subject matter this book is for adults only.    

The book can be ordered for $4.99 at         

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