Monday, October 31, 2011

Dustin Rowe Says He'll Work To Eliminate Burdensome Regulations, Unnecessary Laws

Republican 2nd District congressional candidate Dustin Rowe declared today that he'll work in Congress to do away with unnecessary laws and burdensome regulations.

Said Rowe: "This Tuesday, November 1, Oklahomans will be saddled with 186 new laws that our state legislature passed earlier this year. I've never held a legislative seat, but I can tell you that if I'm sent to Congress to represent Oklahoma's second district, I won't see how many new laws I can pass, I'll see how many unnecessary laws I can stop and how many burdensome regulations I can dismantle!"

“For too long many of our elected officials have governed with the idea of passing more and more legislation. Sadly, one politician’s legislative accomplishment becomes a new law for the rest of us to live under,” Rowe said.

“Many of our elected officials tout their belief in a smaller government; yet, they continue to grow the government by passing new laws and regulations. I believe a small government begins at the legislative process,” he added.

Rowe said that as a conservative Republican, he is opposed to an ever-expanding government and will fight those wishing to pass more and more laws simply to tout their own legislative accomplishments.

“I believe it’s time we begin judging our elected officials not by the laws they write and pass, but by the unnecessary laws and regulations they repeal,” Rowe added.

"Under the Obama Administration with its countless 'czars,' we've seen a tremendous growth in federal regulations," Rowe said. "In addition to electing more conservatives to Congress next year, we need to replace the current president with one who believes, as I do, that less government is better.”

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