Thursday, October 13, 2011

Law Firm To Discuss Changes For Small Business

The law firm of Hall Estill will host a free lunch seminar on October 26th to help prepare small business owners for the upcoming amendments to the Oklahoma Anti-Discrimination Act (OADA).

Under the amendments going into effect on November 1st, all businesses, regardless of their size, must have specific policies in place in regard to workplace discrimination and harassment.

“One of the most significant changes in Oklahoma employment law in recent years will happen in a few weeks on Nov. 1, 2011, when the amendments to the Oklahoma Anti-Discrimination Act officially take effect,” said Elaine R. Turner, shareholder in the Oklahoma City office of Hall Estill.

“The legal implications for small businesses, regardless of size, could be quite severe if they do not take action to ensure their policies and procedures conform with the new amendments to this law. As we started preparing our small business clients for these changes, we discovered there was little awareness about the amendments to the OADA. As a result, we concluded it was critical to make small business owners aware of the changes, since their potential risk of a lawsuit has considerably increased.”

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