Monday, October 31, 2011

The Gadfly: The Mud-Slingers

The Gadfly:
The Preoccupation
Of The
By Mike McCarville

Mitt Romney once hired a lawn care firm that employed illegal aliens. Rick Perry's family once had an inappropriate, racially-tinged sign at the entry to its property. Herman Cain once faced allegations from two women that he made inappropriate sexual remarks in their presence.

The preoccupation of the mud-slingers as they attempt to destroy the character of the leading Republican candidates for president is evident.

Where is a similar investigation into the media's poster boy, Barack Obama? How about the substantive issue of Fast And Furious? How about cronyism in the awarding of federal funds to a "green" enterprise? How about Mrs. Obama's outrageous expenditures to travel the world?

It seems that if you're a liberal Democrat, the eastern media gives you a pass.

But if you're a Republican and a threat to the left, look out. Ask George Bush about all the stories about his youthful use of alcohol. Ask John McCain about all the nasty rumors pedaled about him while Obama's media apologists did all they could to cover his tracks and downplay the importance of anything negative.

Fair play is fair. Unfair play is not.

We're seeing unfair play in this election with the voting still more than a year away.


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