Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Eagle Forum's Leader Criticizes Fallin; Chambers Says Education Funds Decision Is 'Unwise'

Eagle Forum's Bunny Chambers is out with an email criticizing Republican Governor Mary Fallin for her decision to apply for $60 million in federal pre-school-age education funds.

Chambers, the GOP's National Committeewoman for years, said the decision by Fallin is "an unwise" one.
Bunny Chambers

In her email, Chambers writes, "Gov. Fallin has decided to apply for the $60 million dollar Grant that will result in more pre-school-age children—including infants and toddlers—being enrolled in early childhood education programs. Even though  the Governor and Superintendent Janet Barresi say the money will be for 4-yr old pre-school and will be voluntary...the Grant Summary I read, doesn't mention 'voluntary.' 

"Should Oklahoma go along with President Obama in his 'support for a seamless and comprehensive set of services and support for children, from birth through age 5'?

"Supporters of the Grant have bragged about being able to pass legislative changes in Oklahoma that weren’t even possible during conservative Republican Governor Frank Keating’s tenure.

"And, yet Gov. Fallin recently said she is committed to seeing that Oklahoma continues to have a strong role in programs that have already been established for early childhood education. It wasn’t our conservative Governor Keating who established those programs. (They were pushed and passed by Gov. Henry and our current Secretary of Education, Phyllis Hudecki.)

"Please call Gov. Fallin at 521-2342 and urge her to reconsider her unwise decision to pursue “early education” money from the Obama Administration.

"Ask her to cut our taxes instead, so we can keep our own money and raise our own children."

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