Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dustin Rowe Raises $104,167 In 2nd District Race

Dustin Rowe, candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 2nd District, collected $104,167 in his first full quarter of fundraising and has $75,469 in cash on hand.

His total raised puts him behind Markwayne Mullin and barely behind Rep. George Faught for the reporting period. Mullin raised $128,000 and Faught raised $105,331.

Dwayne Thompson, of Fort Gibson, reported raising $9,500, and Dakota Wood, of Claremore, raised $9,825.

Former Rep. Wayne Pettigrew, who announced his candidacy last month, reported having raised about $4,000. He loaned his campaign about $89,000 and had cash on hand of $12,596 after spending $80,271.

Democrat Rob Wallace just became a candidate.

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