Monday, September 19, 2011

Steele Names Todd Russ To Panel

House Speaker Kris Steele said today he has named Rep. Todd Russ of Cordell as vice chairman of the House Pension Oversight Committee which will study the state's pension system. Rep. Randy McDaniel earlier was named chairman.

“As a respected, successful banker and solid fiscal conservative, Rep. Russ is the perfect fit to help lead the next phase of the House’s effort on pension reform," Steele said.

"Rep. Russ will be Rep. McDaniel’s right-hand man as the Pension Oversight Committees further dissects and diagnoses Oklahoma’s multibillion dollar pension system to identify the next steps needed to ensure the system is fiscally stable in the future. With the fiscal health of all of state government at play, leaders like Rep. Russ are invaluable. I thank him for his willingness to step up and lead on this important initiative.”

The House Pension Oversight Committee was formed in June. It will hear interim studies on how pension system investments have been handled, the way assets have been allocated from the pension systems, pension funding formulas and pension best practices.

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