Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Gadfly: Memos

The Gadfly:
By Mike McCarville

Memo To The NBA: Quit your bickering and let's play ball! (Remember the mistake MLB made and lost half it's following as a result.)

Memo To The Congress: Quit your bickering and get to work.

Memo To The GOP Presidential Candidates: Quit squabbling like kids over who did what when and show us why you should be the party nominee and the next president.

Memo To The Oklahoma Democratic Party: When you stretch the truth, it almost always snaps back in your face.

Memo To The (New) Big 12: Well, at least you didn't cancel any games.

Memo To Self: The next time you get  to 71, turn around and go back.

Memo To Oklahoma Heart Hospital Staff: I love every one of you, but after 21 days (three stays) as your "guest," I've had enough for a while.

Memo To Doctors Amin, Ahmed, Baber, Cobb, Peyton, Wlovader: We've got to quit meeting like this.

Memo To My Wife: Fifty years later and you're still taking care of me. I am blessed. (Bet you never thought the "or worse" part would include giving me IVs twice a day, did you?)


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