Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Gadfly: A Commercial Message

The Gadfly:
A Commercial Message
By Mike McCarville

A few years back, at my "retirement" from the regular work force, I turned to my friend of many years, insurance expert Eunice Khoury, for help picking an appropriate health insurance company to supplement Medicare. Her help was invaluable; Ann had health issues separate from mine, so she needed a supplement policy of her own. Eunice's experience and expertise shows clearly on her KTOK radio show, Well Preserved, which airs Saturday mornings at 7. (Yes, I had something to do with the show being on KTOK and I'm now her broadcast spokesman.) While Eunice makes her living selling insurance to seniors, she's a caring, devoted advocate for her clients specifically and the elderly in general. If you're in need of the kind of help Eunice can provide from someone you can trust, visit her website at www.wellpreserved.info and call her Eunice Khoury Insurance office at 405-848-5790 or 1-800-288-5433.

Elder care law is a special field of the legal practice. The expert in the metro is my longtime friend Brent Coldiron. Brent helped Ann and I with our trust and other documents we wanted. When I was on the air at KTOK, I was Brent's spokesman for several years. Brent also helped us with Ann's mother's legal documents and has just finished helping us again to qualify Ann's mother for Medicaid. Brent is one of those guys who will drive you crazy; he is meticulous in the preparation of documents and he's been working elder care law cases for so long he knows exactly what is needed, and why. And while he's driving you crazy, he's also looking out for your interests and in the end, you'll join us in singing his praises. Visit Brent's website at www.coldironlaw.com and call Coldiron Law at 405-478-5655.

When I was on the air at KTOK, I said I'd never endorse a service or a product that I had not used myself. I've stuck to that philosophy.

I share my endorsement of Eunice and Brent knowing that many of you will face elder care issues in the future, whether it is you or your loved ones. There are others who practice in their respective fields, but Eunice and Brent are the best, recognized for their diligence, expertise and fidelity to their clients. In my book, you can't ask for more than that.

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