Monday, August 8, 2011

The McCarville Minute

The McCarville Minute
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I am living proof, and I stress the word living, that open heart surgery and the right to keep and bear arms can go together.

Let me explain: on July 6th, a heart surgeon opened me up to replace my defective aortic valve with one made from cow tissue.

While recuperating, I watched a lot of tv shows, Top Shot among them. I'm watching Top Shot one night when the RN on duty came in to check on me. Nice young lady, 25 or so. She looked over her shoulder at the tv.

You into guns? she asks.

Oh yeah, I reply.

You belong to the NRA? she asks.

Oh yeah, I reply.

I'm loving this: Lifetime NRA member, member of the NRA broadcast team for seven years.

I'm taking a shooting class, she says.

What's your gun? I ask.

Thirty-eight special, she says.

She explained that, seven months earlier after marrying her husband, they went to Montana to visit his family. The 80-year-old patriarch of the family took her into his den and began opening drawers filled with sidearms. Take your pick, he told her. Then learn how to use it.

She picked a vintage .38 caliber revolver, snub barrel and light in weight.

Word soon got around the second floor that I could talk guns. In comes the physical therapist for my nightly walk. He owns a 1911 his grandfather brought home from World War II, official papers and all. His brother has the Luger his grandfather liberated.

Just goes to prove that we are everywhere, even in the most unexpected of places.

I'm Mike McCarville here on Cam & Company.

NRA commentator Mike McCarville can be heard at and on SiriusXM Satellite Radio Patriot Plus Channel 852 Monday nights at 8:15 ET; the  satellite program also airs 6-9 a.m. weekday mornings, with Mike at 6:15 a.m.

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