Friday, August 5, 2011

Kaye Beach Says ID Violates Her Rights

From Homeland Security News Wire ~ An Oklahoma woman has sparked a federal controversy after she refused to renew her driver's license; in February Kaye Beach was pulled over by law enforcement officials in Norman, Oklahoma and ticketed for driving with an expired license and she is now fighting that ticket as part of a larger campaign against REAL ID.

(Kaye Beach is a blogger and privacy advocate who helped reveal the state's plan to install highway traffic cameras.)

In particular some civil liberties groups have become incensed over the law’s provision which require that all state IDs use high-resolution photos and fingerprints for potential biometric identification.

Many groups say that these rules will create a national ID which Beach says are the “hallmark of a totalitarian society.”

She also believes that sharing biometric information with the government is a violation of her constitutional rights, which is why she refused to update her license.


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