Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Gadfly: Renewing Life

The Gadfly:
Renewing Life
By Mike McCarville

Having experiened firsthand in the past 30 days the fine edge between this earth and what awaits, I was delighted to hear that three friends and their spouses have renewed life with the birth of two healthy boys and an equally healthy girl.

This is Jonah Michael Lloyd, son of my KTOK compatriot Brian Lloyd, Clear Channel's Oklahoma City production manager, and his wife, Becky. Their second boy.

This is Oliver Dutcher, son of Brandon (Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs) and Susie Dutcher. I think this boy is going to love water. Many more photos of this loving family at This is their sixth child. Regular readers may remember that Susie and Brandon lost their Anne Marie  to birth defects in November 2009 shortly after her birth.  

This is Jessie Carter, daughter of Jennifer and Ray Carter. Jennifer is School Superintendent Janet Barresi's right hand, Ray is the House Media Director. Jessie's their first. I'd like to see a baby picture of Jennifer for comparison; I'm inclined to believe it would be hard to tell them apart.


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