Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Gadfly: Life Is Good

Photos by Faye Anderson

The Gadfly:
Life Is Good
By Mike McCarville

Joy is one of life's great emotions; it wipes away the blahs, inspires the mind, rejuvenates the spirit. Witness above the latest reason for joy in Clan McCarville.

The sweetheart in the center of this photo is Kaydnce. She came into our lives a few years back when grandson Mike Stuck and her mother, Brandi, began dating. The photo was taken in a Cleveland County courtroom last Monday when Kaydnce's name officially became Kaydnce Stuck, our second great granddaughter.

When Mike first told me a few months ago he was going to adopt Kaydnce, I confess I was...surprised, I guess, is the word. Getting married was a huge step for Mike and this, on top of that, totals a huge emotional investment, a lifetime commitment. And although Mike's been an adult for a few years now, I sometimes still think of him as that chubby kid we took to raise 17 years ago. No longer that kid, now a grounded adult. Quite a transition.

There were other adoptions last Monday morning; most included the parents, the attorney, and perhaps one set of grandparents. Our joyous band was 15 strong: Brandi's mom, her aunt, her grandparents, Mike's dad and his wife, Mike's brother and sisters, his mother (daughter Cheryl), Ann, me.

When Mike and Brandi married, I said I hadn't seen a grin like that on Mike's face since he got his driver's license.

Matching that grin is the one you see in the above photo of Father and Daughter. It almost matches the one on my face, reflective of the joy that continues to sustain me.

The judge let Kaydnce rap the gavel
to make her adoption official, and done.


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