Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Gadfly Clears His Notepad

The Gadfly
Clears His Note Pad
By Mike McCarville

Barry Switzer says OU should have a statue of the Selmon brothers. Second the motion. If you look in my dictionary under Student Athlete, Role Model, you'll find this outstanding trio. Where do I send my donation, Coach?

My cardiologist has cleared me (1) to drive and (2) to imbibe a wee portion of beverage with alcoholic content while eating. Monday night's Black & Tan was wonderful; today's White Zin wasn't bad, either.

Know how to tell if your neighbors are doing well financially? Green lawns. Yep, I've observed that those doing well water their lawns to keep them green. At least that is my surmise; those with tight budgets aren't likely to spend money watering their lawns.

The Canadian County Free Fair runs Thursday through Saturday; one of Oklahoma's great events. Fairgrounds in El Reno. And the Oklahoma Rifle Association holds its annual get-together on Saturday. Always look forward to the banquet. Congressman Tom Cole this year's speaker.

Jari Askins called during my hectic heart surgery recuperation period to check on me. "How many former officials have called?" she asked with a laugh. Congressman James Lankford called as well. Speaking of callers and visitors: Ann kept a list of all those who came to Oklahoma Heart Hospital, called, or sent plants, for which I thank her, and them. I was so drugged up I don't remember most of the visitors. (I do, however, remember Brother Don Demeter looming over my bed asking the Good Lord to heal me.) The list ranges from elected officials to friends of decades and previous business partners to media personalities to former associates from my radio days. And then there were the more than 325 emails. I am touched, and blessed.

Listening to Reido (doesn't everyone listen to Reid Mullins from 5 to 8 a.m. weekdays on KTOK?) a few minutes ago took me back; Reid noted Rafer Johnson's birthday. I remember the 1960 Summer Olympics in Mussolini Stadium in Rome and watching Rafer and Wilma Rudolph set all kinds of track records. One of the memorable events in my life.

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