Friday, August 26, 2011

$100,000 Treasurer's Remodel 'Saves Money'

From NewsRadio1000 KTOK ~ A $100,000 remodeling of the state treasurer's suite of offices in the Capitol actually will save money, Treasurer Ken Miller's spokesman says.

Tim Allen said the remodeling, which does not include Miller's office, will allow the movement of more workers into the space, thus saving the sum the state now pays to office the workers elsewhere.

Here's KTOK Capitol Correspondent Calvin Wright's report:

While many State agencies have gone through budget cuts, the State Treasurer's office is in the middle of an estimated $100,000 renovation of offices. But a spokesman defends the work, saying it'll bring workers who've had to work at leased offices into the capitol once again.
"We're moving those workers into the State Capitol building, into our offices in the Capitol building, but what we're having to do now is make work space for them," explained Tim Allen, a spokesman for Treasurer Ken Miller. 

He said the work is not being performed in the actual offices where Miller works but rather in the banking operations area.
As for the cost. "We've had a reduction in force of 27 positions in the last four years which is saving money for us as well," continued Allen. "Through a combination of things, we're able to fund the workspace renovation we're doing right now."

He also said the renovation will address some longstanding security concerns the Treasurer's office has had with the vault where cash and other valuables are maintained.

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