Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bohnen's Book Of Intrigue Goes Online

KTOK News Director Jerry Bohnen is the author of a book that soon will be available online.

Read advance chapters at

Writes Bohnen: I signed an agreement with an independent publisher within the past month and The Dixiecup Assassin should be hitting Amazon and other ebook sites within about 90 to 100 days from the date of this posting.
I'm excited about it, naturally and hope the project moves ahead with success.

As for M.H., he's excited too but of course, he's still in prison on a federal charge and has about one year remaining at a federal prison camp. No, it's not exactly the kind of camp where life is easy and and enjoyable. It's the kind of camp where one day is like every other day. He's eager like all inmates to get mail or have visitors. He'll be 80 years old when he's released from prison.

Jerry Bohnen
Someone with the CIA recently paid him a visit and discussed the book and wondered why he was willing to publish the story. The visitor asked M.H., "Are you pissed at someone in the agency? Is that it? Or is it just about the money?"

M.H. told him it's just about the prospects of making money off his story. He's not angry with anyone in the agency. And according to the visitor, the Agency could stop its publication but likely won't because that would give the book all sorts of credibility. It sounds as though the government will let the project move ahead and offer no comment as to the claims of M.H.

But the visitor made it clear, he's anxious to read the story!

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