Thursday, June 30, 2011

Philadelphia Inquirer: McClendon 'Struck a gusher' In Pennsylvania With $450,000 In Donations

Chesapeake Energy's Aubrey McClendon continues to fascinate many, and not just those in Oklahoma. For an in-depth look at his massive political donations in Pennsylvania and how they benefitted his company, read this lengthy article that begins:

In the-oil-and-gas business, it's called a wildcat well - when a prospector takes a big risk drilling deep in an unexplored area.

In 2004, a flamboyant Oklahoma City multimillionaire took out his hefty checkbook for what you could call the political equivalent of a wildcat well - and he struck a gusher, right here in Pennsylvania.

The $450,000 in campaign checks that energy mogul Aubrey McClendon wrote that fall helped elect a man he said he'd never even met - a relatively obscure GOP candidate for Pennsylvania attorney general, Tom Corbett.  

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