Saturday, June 25, 2011

KTOK: Documents Indicate Governor's Son-In-Law Matthew Bacon Is A Convicted Drug Felon

By Jerry Bohnen/NewsRadio 1000 KTOK ~ A spokesman for Governor Mary Fallin has declined comment about Oklahoma County court documents that indicate her new son-in-law, Matthew William Bacon, once was convicted of selling drugs  and received a 7-year suspended sentence (on two felony counts).

The governor returns this weekend from Ireland where she attended the wedding of her daughter, Christina, 24 to the 32-year old Bacon.

A check of records in the state court system indicated a Matthew William Bacon was arrested in 2003 for selling Oxycodone within 2,000 feet of an Oklahoma County school. Bacon pleaded guilty (to the two counts) in December of 2004 and drew the 7 year suspended sentence but had to spend 7 weekends in the Oklahoma County jail. His mug shot from the Oklahoma County sheriff's office indicates it is the same Bacon who married Christina Fallin. Bacon was arrested by a State Drug Bureau agent and has not been in any trouble with the law since the bust.

When asked about it, Fallin spokesman Alex Weintz told KTOK News the office wasn't commenting about the records.

However a comparison of Bacon's mug shot with pictures obtained from the website, The Lost Ogle shows he is the apparent same person. And the ages of the two Matthew William Bacons are the same, 32.

There are two court files in Oklahoma County for Matthew William Bacon and the second was his and Christina Fallin's application earlier this month for a marriage license.

The records also indicate they were actually married by an Oklahoma County judge on June 10th. The governor's office in announcing her trip to Ireland said she was going to attend the wedding of her daughter and Bacon. However it's clear the two were actually married in Oklahoma then had the destination wedding ceremony in Ireland.

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