Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Corn 'Very likely' To Seek 2nd District Seat

Kenneth Corn
News Release From Kenneth Corn ~ Kenneth Corn, Oklahoma's 2010 Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor and a popular former state senator from Poteau in Southeastern Oklahoma, said today he is fully prepared to enter the race to replace Congressman Dan Boren -- and, at this time, he "is very likely to do so."

"I have received literally more than 100 phone calls, emails and text messages this morning since word of Congressman Boren's decision became public -- all from people urging me to run," the state's best-known champion for seniors and education said.

"I am discussing running with my family, friends and supporters -- and at this time I can say that I am very likely to do so."

"I have strong ties to the entire district. I have experience running for election across the district and state, and I have proven I can raise a million dollars and more for a campaign," Corn said. "The people of Oklahoma know me. They know I will fight for them and that I am someone who strongly shares their beliefs and opinions."

Corn said he would "oppose any reduction in services to Medicaid as a member of Congress," and "would work tirelessly to balance the budget fairly and to get America's economic house in order."

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