Friday, May 20, 2011

Poll: Ixnay On College Concealed Carry

From ~ A recent SoonerPoll reveals that 73.5 percent of likely Oklahoma voters polled think Oklahoma college students and faculty members should not be allowed to carry guns on campus. 

By comparison, only 19.6 percent of respondents feel that students and faculty members should be allowed to carry guns on campus, while 6.9 percent had no opinion.

Whether or not to allow students and faculty to carry guns on college campuses has been a hot button issue in Oklahoma for several years.  The controversy was revived this session after a fresh batch of campus carry bills were introduced in the legislature.

One such piece of legislation passed in the Senate on Thursday after being approved by the House Tuesday, and will now be sent to Governor Mary Fallin’s office for final approval.  

House Bill 1652, which allows concealed-weapons licensees to leave their guns inside locked cars on CareerTech campuses, passed in the Senate on a 35-12 vote and in the House on a 75-5 vote.

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