Friday, May 6, 2011

New Law Extends Campaign Finance Reporting

Rep. Sean Roberts
Learning the identities of municipal and county campaign donors is easier now with the signing of House Bill 1776 into law.

The bill, by Rep. Sean Roberts, requires major candidates to file a campaign contributions and expenditures report electronically with the Ethics Commission, and requires the report to be posted online.

The legislation applies to all candidates for state office, candidates for municipal office in towns with populations greater than 250,000, and candidates for county office in counties with over 250,000 citizens.

“Today, candidates for many municipal and county races have to raise thousands of dollars and can receive up to $5,000 from just one contributor,” said Roberts, R-Hominy. “House Bill 1776 will ensure that the citizens know who is funding each of those campaigns. It fosters open government by increasing transparency and gives citizens greater ability to scrutinize candidates and officeholders at the local level of government.”

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