Monday, May 2, 2011


A U. S. Navy Seals team, in a surgical strike, killed Osama bin Laden at his Pakistan hideout. His son also was killed. Officials said bin Laden died of a shot to the head and was buried at sea to avoid supporters making his burial site a shrine.

Former President Bush, who was informed of the operation by President Obama shortly before Obama informed the world in a televised address, said, "The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message: No matter how long it takes, justice will be done."  

Congressman James Lankford said, "The death of Osama bin Laden demonstrates the tenacity of the United States military and intelligence community. I salute their courage and dedication. This culminates nearly twenty years of persistent searching for this
terrorist. Today, all Americans and defenders of freedom around the world, can celebrate a major accomplishment in our national security. The threat of terrorism remains alive and well however, and we should continue to support and pray for all the men and women who continue to risk their lives everyday to keep us safe." 

Congressman Tom Cole said, "Like all Americans, I am pleased to learn that Osama bin Laden has been dealt with in the manner which he deserved. This hard-won victory has taken almost a decade to achieve. The credit goes to the U.S. military, our intelligence services and those who assisted them in this ten- year effort.

"While this is a significant U.S. victory in the War on Terror, it does not signal the end of the struggle against al Qaeda and its allied terrorist organizations around the world. We and our allies have much to do in hunting down other terrorists, ensuring that no area of the globe provides them a safe haven and bolstering the ability of our friends to deal with such threats.

"We will learn much more in the days ahead, and the struggle to keep America safe is far from over. But every American can take pride and satisfaction in what our forces have accomplished. They have made America and the world safer. And they have delivered justice to an elusive and deadly mass murderer."

Congressman Dan Boren said,“This is a wonderful day for the United States of America. Getting rid of Usama bin Laden has been priority number one for the intelligence community. Al Qaeda is still a threat to the nation, but its greatest symbol is gone. We must never forget the terrorist acts that Bin Laden committed on innocent Americans. Our thoughts are with their families today.”

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