Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Miller: 'Promising signs' For State Economy

Treasurer Ken Miller
From The Treasurer's Office ~ Broad measurement of Oklahoma’s economy in April shows growth over the prior year in spite of rising gasoline and diesel fuel prices, State Treasurer Ken Miller said today as his office issued its monthly revenue report.

During April, receipts to the State Treasury totaled $1.074 billion. That is an increase of $94.23 million or 9.6 percent over April of last year.

In the past 12 months, gross collections were $9.992 billion, an increase of $579 million or 6.2 percent over the previous 12 months.

“We see promising signs of continued economic growth,” Miller said. “Income and sales taxes continue to outperform. Income tax collections show strong growth as Oklahoma businesses add jobs and the unemployment rate continues to dip. Sales tax collections continue to be solid, indicating families remain confident in the direction of the state’s economy.”

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