Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Governor's Office: State Treasurer Miller's 'Monday morning quarterbacking and inaccurate critiques...are puzzling and disappointing'

Alex Weintz
This statement this afternoon from Governor Fallin's spokesman: “The agreement reached by Governor Fallin and legislative leaders balances the budget without raising taxes, cuts spending, reduces the size of government and works to protect core areas of government like education, public safety, health and human services and transportation. The budget agreement also goes hand in hand with legislation to pass significant reforms modernizing state government and making it smaller, smarter and more efficient. It accomplishes the goals put forward by the governor and other conservative lawmakers at the beginning of this session, and it is a fiscally sound, responsible document that demands that our state government live within its means. The Monday morning quarterbacking and inaccurate critiques coming from the treasurer’s office are puzzling and disappointing.” –Alex Weintz

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