Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GOP Treasurer Criticizes Governor, GOP Leaders

Treasurer Ken Miller
Republican State Treasurer Ken Miller is out today with a broadside aimed squarely at Republican Governor Mary Fallin and GOP legislative leaders Brian Bingman and Kris Steele.

Miller's broadside at his fellow Republicans came in his new online newsletter. In his personal column, he discusses the FY2012 budget agreement, crafted in large part by Fallin, Bingman and Steele, and characterizes it as opportunity lost, more of "status quo."

Read The Treasurer's Entire Comment:

Writes Miller: "This agreement is particularly disappointing because it is the first time in Oklahoma history that a budget has been crafted with complete Republican control and yet it falls short.

"This was our first real opportunity to rightsize government, implement priority-based budgeting and to prove commitment to public education. Fortunately, it will not be our last opportunity.

"Even with large GOP margins in the House and Senate and no veto threat from an opposite party governor, the status quo prevailed again.

"Except for the larger cuts to education, this is a budget not unlike those signed by our last governor.

"Nonessential programs continue to siphon taxpayer resources away from core areas critical to our state’s success rather than be directed into areas of highest return.

"Until policymakers stop trying to be all things to all special interests, our classrooms, roads, bridges and law enforcement will continue to be underfunded."

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