Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Gadfly On His Perch

Third Generation: Pictured here next to her Papa Mike is granddaughter Courtney Anderson, the latest of the clan to graduate high school, and the third generation in our family to graduate from Del City High School. Next to Courtney is her sister Faye, also a DCHS grad, and next to Faye is Ann McCarville.

Sine Die: The Legislature ended the 2011 session last week, but this Friday is officially sine die day. Governor Fallin's agenda, for the most part, was enacted. She and legislative leaders declared the session a good one. Democrats disagree; one liberal described the session as a disaster.

The Cartel: Americans For Prosperity is sponsoring a viewing of The Cartel in Tulsa tomorrow. The movie is about shortcomings in what we call the "education system." For details, click on the advertisement on the right side of this page.

Meltdown: Wow. The Thunder blew a 15-point fourth quarter lead over Dallas to lose game four 112-105 in overtime. Russell Westbrook missed two free throws that likely would have given the Thunder the win in regulation time. The inexplicable meltdown came during the Thunder's largest television ratings ever. Dallas now has the upper hand, 3-1 in games, with the next two (we hope) on their home court.

Petty: Tuesday's tornado outbreak was covered in extraordinary fashion by Oklahoma City's television meteorologists. Channel 4's David Payne was on the long track tornado (estimated 50-70 miles on the ground!) from its inception to its end, and narrowly escaped being caught up in it twice. Payne's sometimes-excited coverage almost certainly was the target of a petty remark by KWTV's Gary England, who remarked that his station's coverage was not marked by excited reports from storm trackers. KFOR's Mike Morgan then felt compelled, later in his station's coverage, to come to Payne's defense and note his dedication to accurate storm reporting. If viewers didn't know of England's petty and irrelevant remarks during the deadly tornado outbreak, they likely were somewhat baffled by Morgan's defense of his fellow meterologist. Seriously doubt viewers were concerned by Payne's raised voice during some of his reports; his reportage, bottom line, was far superior to that of Channel 9. And it is being featured and replayed this morning by The Weather Channel.

Note To Channel 5's News Director: The proper way to address the Governor is as "Governor." Not as "Mary." Tell your anchors. ~ Mike McCarville


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