Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fallin Ends Public School 'Social promotion'

Governor Fallin today signed into law Senate Bill 346, ending social promotion for students after the third grade.

SB 346 requires students in the third grade to demonstrate proficiency in reading before moving on to fourth grade. The bill was a key component of Fallin’s education reform agenda and mentioned in her State of the State address.

“Studies have shown that from kindergarten through the third grade, a child ‘learns to read’, but from fourth grade on, they ‘read to learn,’” said Fallin. “This bill makes sure that every fourth grader has developed the reading proficiency they need to absorb new academic material and succeed in class. Sending an illiterate child on to higher grade levels is setting that child up for failure, and I commend the legislature for sending me a bill that puts a stop to that practice.”

Superintendent Janet Barresi added, “We'll focus on early intervention so that educators can identify problems and adopt individualized learning strategies with children. Ending social promotion after the third grade will prepare children for success in their most critical learning years."

Fallin also signed into law House Bill 1456, creating an A-F grading system for public schools. The grades measure both overall student performance and student improvement.

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