Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dutcher: SB 969 'Most important reform'

Dutcher: Oklahoma a leader
in education reform this year
The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs' vice president for policy, Brandon Dutcher, today said there's "no question that Oklahoma is a national leader in education reform...."

Dutcher's remarks came after the passage of Senate Bill 969, which would provide tax credits to individuals and corporations that donate to charitable scholarship-granting organizations so families of underprivileged students can send their children to the school of their choice.

“There’s no question that Oklahoma is a national leader in education reform this year,” said Dutcher. “Getting rid of trial de novo, ending social promotion after the third grade for kids who can’t read, and requiring an A-F report card for schools are all reforms that have attracted national attention. But the Senate’s action today—throwing a life preserver to low-income kids who need other options—is the most important reform of them all, and puts an exclamation point on Oklahoma’s 2011 efforts.”

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