Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Dixie Cup: Bohnen Source Claims Involvement In Hit Team That Killed bin Laden Son, Terrorists

For 23 years, KTOK's award-winning investigative reporter and News Director Jerry Bohnen has followed the purported activities of a man who claims to have been part of a government "invisible" team of assassins.

Identified by Bohnen only as "M. H.," the man over the years has provided details, documents and artifacts which Bohnen has carefully recorded in binders. With each story told by M. H., Bohnen has attempted to verify details. In some cases, he succeeded; in others, he was unable to do so.

Regardless, the tall  tales related to Bohnen by M. H. have been woven into an online book, The Dixie Cup, and in his latest chapter, Bohnen brings M. H.'s alleged activities into the war on terror, relating how M. H. allegedly was part of a government "hit team" that killed a son of Osama bid Laden and three others.

An excerpt: Within a few days, the 'party' had been carried out and one of bin Laden's sons and three other suspected terrorists were dead. A fourth suspect had been in the house when M.H. and his friends arrived.

But before the 'party', the Agency took care of a suspected safe house used by the bin Laden son. It was torched. A place behind the Avon apartments located on Inglewood street in Culver City. I asked him about the fire.

"Big enough to have six fire engines there," he answered.

"How close were you?"

"Very close."

"What were you doing?"

"I was sitting in a car on the corner in front of a Catholic church."

He had watched as his friends with the agency had torched the safe house. (Yes, there was a fire that day and it was near the St. Gerardo's Catholic Church, 4439 Inglewood Boulevard.)

That weekend, M.H., Hantz and three men from the CIA sneaked into the home and captured the four as they lay watching TV in a huge bedroom. The whole affair lasted only 90 minutes, not two days.

Osama's son refused to talk and when one of the agency people told him what that meant, he gave a nod of understanding, smiled and muttered something about 'Allah' in Arabic.

Each of the four was killed with a single shot to the back of the head. Hantz killed two of them using a silencer-equipped pistol. One of the three CIA agents handled the remaining two.

M.H. simply watched them die.

He later told me that two of the men 'sang like canaries' and it pleased the Agency men.

No fingers were cut off to get them to talk.

M.H., Hantz and the three agents quickly left, knowing a cleanup group would succeed them.


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