Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sports Agents Face Red Flags

Agents of college athletes need to be held more accountable for breaking rules when representing student athletes, says Senate President Pro Tem Brian Bingman, adding that letting agents off scot free is a no-call. He says they should get a big red flag.
House Bill 1586 will do just that, and Bingman, R-Sapulpa, was glad to see it receive the support it did by a committee vote of 8 to 0.

The legislation is a modification of the Uniform Athlete Agents Act.

“Athlete agents need to have skin in the game,” Bingman said. “Currently, agents breaking the rules have little more than a minor penalty while there have been many cases where an agent has ruined the student athlete’s college career.”

The bill will allow the Secretary of State or the Attorney General to issue subpoenas for any material relevant to the administration of the Uniform Athlete Agents Act. First infractions will be a misdemeanor subject to fine’s of no less than $10,000 and second infractions will be felonies subject to fines no less than $50,000.

Agents will be required to register a bond with the Secretary of State as a condition to remain eligible to represent athletes.

“There is no excuse for breaking the rules. Rather than let the bad agents continue to break the rules without adequate punishment, we are going to throw a flag,” Bingman said. “This is about bringing accountability to the agents and ensuring that our college athletes are protected from bad actors.”

The bill will move to the full Senate for consideration.

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