Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reports: Cal Hobson Resigns OU Position

There are unconfirmed reports tonight that former Senator Cal Hobson abruptly resigned his University of Oklahoma executive position after an incident on the campus, the details of which are unknown.

Hobson could not be reached for comment, nor could OU officials in a position to talk officially. However, one OU insider confirmed the resignation "off the record."

Hobson, a Democrat and former Senate President Pro Tem, has been executive director of operations at University of Oklahoma Outreach, a position that has paid him almost $147,000 per year, records show.

The program's website once listed Hobson; today, his name is absent. Two other links to OU sites tied to Hobson via Google today show the links no longer exist.

Hobson resigned his Senate leadership post in 2003 and signed himself into an alcohol rehabilitation center after numerous incidents.

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