Monday, April 4, 2011

Oklahomans For Liberty: Return Skeith's Donations

The executive director of Oklahomans For Liberty, David Tackett, has called on legislators who received donations from lobbyist Andrew Skeith to return them.

Skeith, along with former Senate President Pro Tem Mike Morgan, was indicted by a federal grand jury for their involvement in an alleged scheme in which Morgan received payments for favoring Skeith's clients.

"The actions of Senator Morgan and Mr. Skeith's alleged behavior is a shameful blemish on our legislative system," said Tackett. "And frankly, it's time that our legislators take a public stand against this travesty and give back all donations that Mr. Skeith has given to their campaign funds."

Tackett then explained that Andrew Skeith has given $94,800 to current legislators, PACs, and elected state officials.

"I do not believe these individuals who have received money from Mr. Skeith are guilty of any wrongdoing and none other than Sen. Morgan have been accused of trading their votes for money," said Tackett.

"Neither party is immune from Skeith's contributions. Mr. Skeith was an equal opportunity contributor to both Democrats and Republicans, including both leadership and "rank and file" members," said Tackett. "In fact, leaders of both the House and Senate, Speaker Kris Steele and President Pro-Tempore Bingman, have received large contributions from Mr. Skeith."

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