Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cole, Lankford Support Budget Agreement

Congressmen Tom Cole and James Lankford support the last-minute budget agreement. Both issued statements on Friday night after agreement was reached.

Said Cole: "When this agreement is approved next week, it could mark the point at which we begin turning our economy around. Republicans set out to obtain necessary spending cuts and ended up achieving cuts that are truly historic and significant -- without allowing a government shutdown or compromising important principles. A government shutdown would bring real hardship to our military families, and passing one more temporary measure to prevent that is the right thing to do. It's unfortunate that Senate Democrats have dragged this process out so long, but the important thing is that we achieve real deficit reductions. I look forward to voting for this agreement to cut $79 billion next week and moving on to pass a 2012 budget that cuts trillions."

Lankford's statement: "I am proud to support the budget agreement tonight that will avoid a government shutdown and ensure that our troops will continue to be paid, as well as preventing other federal employees from unnecessary interruptions in their pay and jobs. This is the first step of cutting government spending. I look forward to this agreement with $38.5 billion in spending cuts being finalized over the next few days and the final package being approved next week. We can then move onto the Fiscal Year 2012 budget where House Republicans will continue to advocate for even bigger cuts in government spending to restore fiscal sanity in Washington."

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