Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lankford Sticks To His Budget-Cut Guns

“We have approached a time in the history of our country where we can no longer afford to delay the hard decisions.

"Our nation’s debt has grown beyond sustainable levels, and we are now at a place where the current generation will live in the comfort of the status quo while condemning the next generation to a future of less promise and opportunity.

"It is simply immoral to keep going down the same road because we’re afraid of hard decisions. Unfortunately, that is what President Obama chose to do when he released a budget that was not credible, but rather it was a politically safe plan under the false pretense of fiscal responsibility. We can no longer continue with the current trajectory that the President advocates. Instead, we must stop the denial of this debt crisis that we face and address our fiscal challenges head on by proposing bold, serious solutions.

“The plan from House Republicans will strengthen quality and effective government programs while cutting away at inefficiencies and duplicative programs. Our budget will repair the broken Medicare and Medicaid systems and protect them for those in and near retirement while preserving them for future generations. It will enact tax reform to spur job growth, put an end to corporate welfare, and wind down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It will return domestic spending to below 2008 levels, end the trillion dollar deficits, and chart a new course toward paying off the debt.

“But most importantly, House Republicans will restore our founding principles rooted in the fundamentals of limited government and a free-market economy. It’s time to remember that government can only do so much; it’s our nation’s entrepreneurs and innovators who hold the key to a dynamic and successful country. By tackling our debt, getting government under control, and incentivizing economic growth, our budget will lay out a path to prosperity.” ~ Statement today by Congressman James Lankford.

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